A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

(Cursed Frogs is a student project made in 4 months by 6 people, this version is a vertical slice)

Cursed Frogs takes place in a magical world where human beings have disappeared, and amphibians have taken their place. An evil force has cursed the area for a long time, making people crazy.  A fellowship of four fighters consisting of a Frog Archer, a Chameleon Assassin, a Warrior Toad and a Magician Salamander is trained to investigate this threat. 
The four team members are complementary. During turn-based combat, they can all move from square to square and attack with their weapon, they also have access to unique spells. But beware, these spells change when the amphibians are on the water, giving access to new spells. It will therefore be necessary to juggle between the spells of each hero to overcome the numerous enemies. Some spells allows you to create area, such as a fire area, or poison area, applying damages or states to the enemies in them. In addition, projectiles, such as arrows, and flashes, such as an explosion, interact with zones, allowing for stunning combos.

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Music by Erdenstern, composed by Andreas Petersen (https://erdenstern.bandcamp.co...)


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